What is my Location?

One of the most annoying things that can happen to us while using our Google maps app is that when it doesn’t show our current location. This could lead us the difficulty to reach to our desired locations. Moreover, we will also not be able to determine the distance between us and the location we are trying to reach.

But this doesn’t mean that can resolve such an issue even though there are any reasons that might cause this Google map not showing my county on  android or an iOS device. So, if you are also facing such problem in your respective smart phone device then here’s what you can do to fix this.

Why Google Maps Is Unable To Show Your Current Location?

Well, there are many reasons that might cause this such as poor internet connection, un-updated application, the location is not enabled on the device or may be app needs some serious troubleshooting. So, to fix these issues, first you’ll need to make sure that your internet connection is working properly and here is the second part that includes some quick fixes for your Google Maps.

1. Let Your Apple ID Age

According to Apple, it’s normal for Allow Apps to Request to Track to be grayed out if your Apple ID is less than 3 days old!
Fix: The obvious fix if you’re using a new Apple ID is to wait it out a couple of days allow your account to age. As soon as this happens the Request to Track setting will become responsive.

2. Change iPhone User Age

Another situation when Allow Apps to Request to Track is greyed out is when the Apple ID owner is under the age of 18. Apparently, apps aren’t allowed to track kids and teenagers, so the setting is not an option for young users.
Fix: A workaround would require you to change the birthdate associated with your Apple ID and become a grownup over night!

3. Check For Restrictive Configuration Profile

Allow Apps to Request to Track won’t turn on if a Configuration Profile is installed on your iPhone that limits tracking. Users with company phones could find themselves in this situation.
Fix: To check if a Configuration Profile is installed on your device you have to open Settings and browse for General. Scroll all the way down. Profiles are displayed above the Legal & Regulatory menu. You can tap a Profile and delete it. However, if it was installed by your company, you might have to keep it.

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